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In the recent major core update by Google in March 2023, it has become evident that webpages plagued with technical issues will suffer in rankings. This implies that lacking an SSL certificate, unresponsiveness, poor performance, and a lack of user-friendliness can lead to a significant drop in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Core Web Vitals

If your website scores low in Core Web Vital, Google won’t rank your site high in search, it’s has poor performance and give user a bad experience of use.

Plugin Power: Harness the potential of performance-enhancing plugins. From caching to image optimization, we’ll help you handpick the best plugins tailored to your site’s needs.
Google’s emphasis lies in providing users with a positive experience, building trust, and promoting high-performance websites with top-notch content.
Users are increasingly averse to browsing sluggish pages, encountering subpar content, and navigating websites that fail to deliver a seamless and purposeful experience.
By optimizing images to WebP format, I minimize file sizes without compromising visual quality, further enhancing page loading speed.ined and efficient website design.


I possess the skills and knowledge necessary to enhance your website’s
Indexing, traceability, and performance.

Unlocking Success

High Bounce Rate: A high bounce rate indicates a disconnect between user expectations and website experience, urging the need for improvement. 

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